Scheduled Server Migration

  • Wednesday, 30th June, 2021
  • 02:57am

As part of our commitment to provide you best hosting service and infrastructure. We are moving our server to another data center on cloud servers with proper virtualization on premium hardware, mean that we've got massively parallel cloud-based transfers across hundreds of servers, all with redundant file storage so hardware failure doesn't take you offline - things get routed around problems, all behind the scenes. We're talking state of the art technology that's optimized for industry best performance.

We have scheduled this server data migration on 03-July-2021

We notify you once we start server migration process and it is advised not to make any changes to your website/data during this migration process.

Once the migration process will complete, we will update the IP’s of name servers, hence no action need to take from your end.

After migration, if you face any problem in your website, please open a support ticket to our help desk from



=================== Update 3rd July 2021 ================

Server migration is started now: 10:38 am GMT


================= Update Sunday, 4 July 2021 =============

Migration is in process 5:25 am

================= Update Sunday, 5 July 2021 =============

Server migration is completed. Please check your website, if you face any problem, please open a support ticket to our help desk from




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