Why Should Choose Linux Over Windows Web Hosting

If you plan to host your website, you have a number of web hosting packages available for your disposal. Two of the most popular web hosts include Linux and window; however, it may be quite challenging you to decide which one to choose among them. As advised by the experts, Linux is surely a better choice over windows because it is cost-effective solution for online entrepreneurs and publishers. Here are some reasons why Linux web hosting has an edge over windows.

Why should I Choose Linux web hosting

Open source platform: Often web designers, programmers and developers depend upon Linux web hosting package for its open source platform. They can easily customize, modify and distribute the websites or applications using the platform. It allows you host the website to the public even at early stage of development, which offers it an edge over window platform. The open source developers are some of the most experienced developers who are often underpaid.

Flexibility: Linux hosting offers unmatched flexibility, so you can host e-commerce applications, multimedia applications and blogging websites. As the platform is easy to update and modify, so that further increases the flexibility. Linux is based on General Public License and its many distributions include SUSE Linux, Ubuntu or Red Hat. Linux offers an amazing experience to the end users of the website.

Cost: Linux web hosting systems are comparatively more cost effective as compared to the windows platform. If you are looking forward to cutting the operating costs and increase your profits, then consider Linux, which comes at lesser costs and offer better quality and user experience. You can easily start an online business without spending too much. Some of the popular online platforms run on Linux include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and phpBB. Running a website on windows involves licensing costs, which make it further expensive.

Speed and simplicity: Linux is simple to use and it offers a smooth user experience. It is speedier as compared to windows web hosting platform. You can easily install Perl Script, MySQL, PHP to enhance your website performance and productivity. Linux can easily handle large amount of processes simultaneously.

Reliability and security: Linux users appreciate the security offered by the platform. Lesser online theft and hacking cases are there with Linux. The hosting services providers can easily update the servers, fix the software bugs and maintain it; thus boosting the server performance. Linux surely has a cutting edge over windows when it comes to reliability.

Linux is used on majority of web servers all over the world. Website owners are often more satisfied with Linux web hosting performance.