What is Green Web Hosting? How it works?

Green web hosting: Today’s call

Going green is the need of the hour today. The world has realized the importance of saving resources and reducing their energy consumption. We can see people as well as industries doing their best to save energy on their own levels.

We have become so much dependent on internet that we can’t even imagine our lives without it. With increased usage of internet, the energy requirements have also increased which has diverted the attention of experts towards developing of energy efficient methods.

Green Web Hosting

The experts have developed an internet efficient service known as Green hosting which reduces the energy consumed during internet usage.

What exactly Green Web Hosting is?

First let us know what exactly what Green Web hosting is. It is an eco friendly web hosting service that reduces the energy consumption of the system.

Energy is consumed at every step in a data center right from internet connections and electronic security system to environmental and cooling controls. There are millions of such data centers all over the world consuming billions of energy units every second.

It is this part of energy Green Web Hosting aims to save through collaborating with several industries all over the world.

How Green Web Hosting works?

Green Web Hosting primarily works by targeting the carbon emission by the data centers. This is done through various simple steps like:

1. Purchasing Renewable energy credits:

They are better known as RECs. They represent the renewable sources of energy that can be purchased from other companies that work on renewable sources of energy.

Purchasing RECs from them give such companies a boost and allows you to contribute towards cleaning the environment.

2. Reducing energy consumption:

Green Web Hosting firms undergo several measures to reduce their energy consumption on daily basis.

It includes;

  • –  Use of efficient servers
  • –  Run backup generator powered by propane gas and not diesel
  • –  Use of solar devices
  • –  Lower number of computers and hardware
  • –  Less use of paper
  • –  Employees using car pools to commute
  • –  Less air conditioning in the office
  • –  Motivate employees to reduce energy consumption at home also

3. Give back what we take:

It becomes our social obligation to return all what we take from our mother earth. Green Web Hosting does that through planting a new tree for every package you buy from them.

Why you should go for Green Web Hosting?

However you should not go for Green Web Hosting only for this reason. You need to do a thorough research on your part to calculate if you really need such a system in your business.

Our environment has been decaying day by day and the time has come to save it. If we don’t take substantial steps to stabilize it, it may never return back to us.

A small effort on your side may help to reduce your carbon footprint on the mother earth. Start giving whatever you can to the environment with the help of Green hosting.