What Is Cloud Web Hosting?

Find Out What Is Cloud Hosting And Its Key Benefits

A cloud hosted website is the one that operates on multiple connected servers. These websites are not limited to a single server like it was in the case of traditional hosting.

Cloud hosting also known as shared or dedicated hosting allows you to increase the processing power virtually by simply adding a new server and scaling it up to unlimited level.

cloud web hosting

Given below are the various touting advantages of cloud hosting:


cloud hosting unlike the traditional hosting is backed by the technology which is highly scalable. The processing power can be scaled up or down by adjusting the infrastructure to have a smooth flow of traffic and avoid server crashes during unexpected surges.

Thus the cloud hosting grants the advantage of unlimited processing power as per the need of the hour.


Another major advantage of cloud hosting is that it is not so expensive. Today in the web hosting world there are many programmers and web designers demanding a lot of processing power for smooth flow of traffic and for them cloud web hosting suits better than the traditional one for the simple reason and that is price.

The cloud hosting vendors charge their users on the basis of computing power consumed.

The clients are highly satisfied with the cloud web hosting as they are saved from unnecessary charges that were paid for in the case of traditional hosting for bandwidth and server resources mainly to protect their websites against crashes.

Easy Maintenance:

Also the businesses opting for cloud hosting need not worry for the maintenance part. The cloud hosting provider is the care taker of all such matters and he is the one to deal with hardware refresh cycle.

Loyal Support:

Most of the vendors of the cloud based hosting offer technical and customer support to all their clients especially to the business firms and organizations. This is very useful as most of us possess limited technical knowledge.

The support and assistance is a 24/7 effort of these vendors and it includes web based control panel access and maintenance of operating systems, hardware or network. With such timely assistance they ensure minimal or no disruptions to daily activities.

This relieves the worries and tensions of the business firms and allows them to concentrate on their core business objectives such as increasing sales or making profits rather than haunting their minds to solve the hardware or the system problems.


As the cloud based web hosting is highly flexible and deeply customizable, most of the client organization and single users prefer it than the traditional one.

With unlimited processing power, storage capacity and bandwidth clients can eliminate their hassles relating to owning and maintaining hardware by approaching the cloud hosting services.

These 5 benefits make cloud hosting a preferred choice over other traditional means of hosting. This type of hosting server is sure to take your business to the next level on the virtual market front.