Virtual Private Server (VPS) V/S Dedicated Server

Web hosting services offers many types of hosting services like free web hosting service, shared web hosting services, Reseller web hosting, virtual dedicated server or virtual private server (VPS), dedicated hosting services etc.

Generally in web hosting services shared web hosting services are preferred when the requirements like space are low because they are cheap.

Difference between Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Dedicated Server

After shared web hosting services dedicated server and VPS comes in play. Now a days virtual private server is taking place over dedicated server because of many reasons like virtual private server is more economical.

VPS have many advantages over dedicated server but VPS lags behind is some fields over dedicated server like speed and performance.

Virtual dedicated server or VPS divides the server resources into virtual servers. And resources may be allocated in a way that does not directly reflect the underlying hardware. Whereas in Dedicated server or dedicated hosting service the clients get their own Web server and gain full control over it.

However, the user typically does not own the server. In VPS customers are sometimes responsible for maintaining the server whereas in dedicated; client is responsible for the security and maintenance of his own dedicated box.

Virtual private server had been from many years. But before the VPS, the dedicated hosting used to regulate all over in the web hosting field. The clients who require more resources and regulation over their own server, they have to choose dedicated servers. But there is one big downside i.e. it’s costly.

A dedicated server can cost easily near about $200 per month and may be more than that. So, most clients with small to average sites, a dedicated server must become overkill.

In VPS hosting, after sign up for VPS account, root access is given to the account. And whole setup is in a way that client become root admin of the computer. This is only case of virtual compartment which can be done by using special software.

Normally VPS plan’s range start from $30 per month which is more comparable to plan’s range to a dedicated server, which costs over $200 for a month.

Conditions preferring VPS or Dedicated Server:

  • –  Financial plan conscious then choose VPS.
  • –  If economy is not a concern and site’s traffic is increasing too big then choose dedicated as it provide performance and speed.
  • –  If running a small sized to medium sized then pick VPS.
  • –  If you are beginner and don’t have idea that how much it will grow then choose VPS.
  • –  If need more control over the website then both VPS and dedicated can prefer, in this condition choose according to budget.
  • –  If powerful CPU is required to maintain a resource demanding application, in that condition VPS normally works well but if not satisfied then choose a dedicated machine with a more powerful CPU.

All the above discussed important info pays stress on that, VPS is generally acceptable for the majority of websites on the internet.