Things to Consider After Purchasing VPS or Dedicated Server

Normally getting a server setup is not a big ordeal, the hosting supplier does this for you most times and it is accompanies by the fundamental service and software preinstalled with the default arrangement. In any case, to have the capacity to get the most out of these applications and make your server more optimized you have to roll out a few improvements to the default settings. Any hosting provider will setup and configure all the essential programming and services as publicized on their page, yet with the end goal to optimize the default setting according to your application prerequisites and to better meet your server assets need, you ought to arrange and ask the support group to review and build your servers setup appropriately. You need to consider the following after purchasing a VPS or dedicated server;

VPS hosting

  • Security Policies: As the owner of the server who holds full admin access to the server settings, it is your duty to settle on a choice regarding what level the client access and security confinement should be executed.


  • Memory resources management and optimization: The general performance of the system or application software is determined by the CPU or RAM asset. You may not get your desired loading speed for your website even with high configuration server, if this is not well optimized to work with yours website.


  • Backup and Recovery: On the off chance that your hosting plan incorporates free or paid backup  service then ensure that you get it designed according to your requirement.


  • IP Address Reputation and E-Mail server: You ought to give vital data to the support team to setup your Email Server according to the sender’s best practices, furthermore keep follow up should there be an occurrence of IP Address Reputation issues.


  • Software updates, upgrades and fixing:
    updating or upgrading the software increases performance. Always switch the automatic updates or upgrades wherever possible and demand that the support team runs manual upgrade if necessary. The Ensure that you don’t disregard such messages and contact the support immediately to get your server fixed as soon as possible.


  • Maintenance and administration notices to clients: On the off chance that you discover need to reboot the server due to programming update or having some support task to carry out which requires total server shutdown then shift such events to weekend or during midnight because there will be less visitors during that period. Additionally ensure that you host a different portal on a different remote server where you can post schedule upkeep or downtime updates about the server and services intrusions.