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What is SSD Hosting?

SSD servers are configured with the Solid State Drives that guarantee top of the line performance. A super fast hosting for high performance of your website on SSD storage loads much faster than normal HDD server.

The benefits of faster data access for your server software should be obvious, but are of particular importance to modern data-driven sites that dynamically generate pages from hundreds of database queries.

When a visitor enters a dynamic website such as WordPress, the visit triggers database queries and content access at the same time. With traditional web hosting plans that use spinning hard disk drives, access is slow due to the mechanical movement of the HDDs. To be more specific, HDDs store information on rotating disks and an actuator arm that reads the information has to move in order to access the stored data but with solid state drives, data is read and written simultaneously. Therefore, the browsing experience will significantly more pleasant thanks to the reduced loading time.




Unlike mechanical HDDs which can just give up the ghost and die – resulting in complete data loss – SSDs simply prevent further write access at their end of life, while the data stored within it can still be read. The lack of moving parts also means they’re less susceptible to shock or vibration damage, as well as having a greater range of operational temperatures. All of which means you’re less likely to suffer the catastrophe of losing your data, or worry about the thought of having to deal with that; thereby allowing you to focus your energy on improving your website.

Sounds great! What are advantages of Solid State Drive Hosting?

No latency: The key advantage is that SSDs are much faster than an HDD.
Faster Access time.
Greater data throughput.
Safety of your data: The chances of you losing your website data if its hosted on HDD servers are very high. Those of you who’ve been using laptops since a while probably know how sensitive HDDs are. Any slightest mishandling can cause irreversible damage to your data. SSDs have no mechanical and moving parts, and thus have very low wear and tear in long term. Also SSDs mean:
Less power usage.
No heat generation.
High durability.
No need for fragmentation.
High Stability: As already mentioned, since SSDs don’t need unstable rotating discs, they’re less prone to ‘skipping’ during data encryption and decryption process, thereby ensuring that every single piece of information/activity on your website is properly stored.

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