Save on Your Hosting Cost by Adopting Google Page Speed Online

The Google Page Speed was introduced at Developer Conference held in the year 2010 for the optimization of the performance of a website. It is a family of tools having four components namely; Page Speed Service, Page Speed Insights, Mod page Speed and page Speed Chrome Dev Tools extension. They are designed to detect any kind of fault with regard to compliance of any website with Google’s Web Performance Best Practices.

Web Hosting India

People have usual shorter attention span and there is possibility of distraction while they are browsing on the World Wide Web. Therefore, as an owner of a website, you need to provide properly formatted web content and clean design so that the distraction of audience is alleviated to the maximum extent. Easy navigation to different pages is the only solution for this.

If you experience a higher rate of bouncing, you can use this tool for checking your page speed. In case your website is slower in loading, it is sure to affect your business adversely. You are probably aware that a user can’t wait for more than five minutes on one site.

Page Speed Module

It is a Nginx web server module, also known as Apache. It applies filters to pages and relevant assets like HTML, Java Script and requirements of website cache. It needs no modification of existing content and flow of work. Changes and optimization of files are done automatically and sent to users. It can reduce loading time by 30%and is updated frequently by various developers over the world.

Page Speed Insights

It identifies performance best practices of any kind of website. Besides, it gives suggestion for optimizing a webpage and comprehensive idea for bringing speed to the website. You can directly access this tool. For request on URL, it makes grading of performance of a webpage based on a scale of 1 to 100. Thereafter, it gives suggestion for optimization, under three priorities; high, medium and low.

Page Speed Chrome Extension

It is a part of Chrome Developer Tools of Google. If you use Page Speed regularly, you can view all the given metrics via the Page Speed Insights in a browser and can download webpage resources that conform to the web performance best practices.

Page Speed Service

It was a commercial product that was provided free of charges by Google as it was under the beta version. As announced by Google, it was depreciated on 5th may 2015 and was withdrawn on 3rd August 2015.

If you want to increase the speed of your webpage then you have to implement best web hosting services in India that get the optimum speed of your website and increase your business; Page Speed Online of Google is the best solution.