Linux Server Hosting offer more value than Windows Hosting

If you are new into web hosting you may not be able to choose between Windows and Linux Server Hosting services in India. However, the choice depends on the needs of your hosting project and what you want to do with the website.

While selecting the Hosting, the Operating System of your computer is Irrelevant. It would still be compatible if your web host and system’s OS are different.

Linux Server Hosting Services in India

You must make sure you have a package that has a lot of features from ensuring your web host a high up-time percentage and guarantying back up. The customer support must also suit your needs and your host must be reliable.

It must also be affordable and suit your budget. Based on all these points, Linux server hosting services in India is the best solution for your web hosting needs as it gives more value.

The main difference between Linux and Windows Hosting is that it uses different script and database languages. Windows has a big advantage when you want to add special Windows applications to your website like (ASP), .NET script languages, and Visual Basic or Microsoft SQL databases. If you are not looking for these special applications for your website, then Linux is the best choice.

Why you should choose Linux Web Hosting?

Linux is used in web hosting for a lot of reasons; one of the prominent one is that it works on 70% of web servers worldwide. Linux provides a cost effective, secure and stable environment for your site.

Linux is the best operating system for web servers due to its reliability, stability and efficiency. Linux Server Hosting is well-suited for blogs, content managements, online stores and forums. Also, Linux is best if you want to use PHP, Perl, and WordPress or MySQL database.

Although there are ways to use Windows Hosting on Linux machines and vice versa, things don’t work quite the same way and can be a little complicated. Also, it is less common for Linux to support applications created by Windows.

While designing and publishing your website, if the user interfaces that you will be working with does a lot of tedious jobs on its own for you, and then you will have an easy time. The “easy-to-use” aspect that people look for lies with the tools that you choose to use.

Linux Server Hosting services in India helps you with a better understanding of the task of designing a website and gives you little worries.

Linux Web Hosting Services in India:

Linux Server Hosting offers you a lot of features at the lowest price. Although, Linux and Windows likely have similar applications available including Ecommerce solutions, blogging software, databases, site builders, guest books, forms and more, the overall price for Linux Server Hosting services in India is significantly better.

You have too many options available and also there is a source for growth also because you are dealing with open source applications that are constantly being created by the community. More secure, stable and useful applications are always being developed.

This will also help save you a lot of money in the long run while keeping your applications fully developed. Linux server hosting services in India crashes very less and is better than Windows server in this aspect as well. Also, Windows is more prone to spyware and viruses and has vulnerable security compared to Linux.

The bottom line is, running a website on a Linux or Windows Hosting has its own advantages and disadvantages, but Linux has several benefits over Windows and gives you more value which makes Linux Server Hosting services in India the best choice.

Also, if you have to use Windows-specific technologies like ASP.NET, and My SQL on your website, go for Windows Hosting and in all other cases, it will be best if you get Linux Server Hosting services in India.

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