Is VPS Accounts Secured From the Provider’s Admin User?

Ever wonder if your VPS is secured from your provider’s admin user? Virtual Private Server hosting is a type of hosting that can shares server resources with other VPSs and it is cheaper. A Virtual Private Server takes up a virtual space on a larger server, unlike a dedicated server which provides you with hardware and resources personal to you this means they are most often available at a cheaper price to administrators and to other users. On a VPS you are however given root access to your virtual space and the ability to make changes as you want. Most of the Virtual Private Server services even allow a command line tools to help you modify your environment at the lowest level. The server can be managed the way that you want basically, this is in terms of operating system used, customized tools and maintenance. Since root level access are allowed alongside customized tools it can also be a very secure area if maintained well by an admin.

Is VPS accounts secured from the provider’s admin user

Most host providers are usually not allowed to check your personal account details or change anything without a full authorization from their client. This is usually stipulated on the agreement policy, you should always read the contract from your provider to understand their policy. There is nothing stopping them from accessing your virtual server’s disk. However they wouldn’t access your account by logging in as a root user unless you give them the password. Actually they can do these by shutting down your VPS and then mounting the virtual disks on the virtual host machine. Then all the files on your virtual server would be accessible to them. Think of it this way, let’s say you have a physical server that was rented to you by someone, the person can easily shutdown the server, then he can remove the same disks you are using since it’s his property and put them in his own server in order to get access to what the disks contains. A VPS however makes extracting the data from the drives easier.

Also depending on what your VPS hosting services provider is using for the underlying storage infrastructure they can also take a live screenshot of your virtual disk and mount that separately, without taking down your server. You can only safe guard your data interference by using a disk encryption system or the encryption support built into the OS. This however may constitute a major problem when it comes to unlocking. It is important you deal with a host provider you can trust.