How to Move Your Website to a New Hosting Provider?

Website is like a soul for the business at present time. An effective website can increase your productivity as well as your percentage of profit. However, a bad website can ruin or distort your image in front of your clients and customers. Low level of loyalty and trust affects your profit. Therefore, a good website requires so many elements like good content also a good service provider.

Web Hosting Services

Why You Need To Switch For New Provider?

Appearance of the website is moreover depends upon your web hosting services. Sometimes, a bad provider hampers your appearance. This is happens when you take free web hosting services. Free web hosting providers offers you limited space for your website. With the time, as your website improves, it requires more space. That time you can face problems. If you need flawless performance of your site then you have to move your site to a new hosting provider.

If your website is doing good and you start getting good traffic on your site, surely you will cross that limits provides by your web hosting service provider. In such conditions, sometimes service providers terminate the services and this is definitely not a good sign for your business.

Things to Remember While Going For The New Service Provider

Moving a site is a big and risky work to do. You must aware about the every single step during this process. If you miss any of these steps, it will destroy all your hard work.

Search New Service Provider

Finding a new service provider is the first step. You should find out the service provider who can provide you best services without any hidden problem. You must clear everything before making the final decision.

Start With Domain Name

Domain registration played a vital role in this step. If your domain has registered with the different provider, you just need to change the server’s name. If the name has registered with the hosting company, they have various rules for this. You will know them while signing the contract with them.

Start Moving Important Files to New Host

After selecting a new service provider, you will get all the login details. Make sure that not to make changes on your site for few days while you start moving files.  You can transfer your files by simple FTP transfer. By doing this process you have to be cool, calm and patient because big files will take long time.

Set Your Website

After moving all the files, you have to create new MySQL database on the new web hosting service provider. You also have to import your current database as well. After this, you can edit anything for the new server.

Move E-mails

After setting up your website, you will need to move your e-mails too. If your mails are hosted with the service provider, it will not a big problem but if it is hosted somewhere else than you have to change the DNS settings. Once your mail ID has created, start checking it by sending test mail. You can also ask your friends to do the same so that you can check the receiving.

DNS Switching

This is important as well as trickiest part of moving website from one host to other. After the successful start of your site, your host will provide you a way to access it successfully. With this access, you can see the information displaying on your site. You can correct them if any information is not correct.

DNS generally shows the connection between the domain name and numerical IP address. When owner make the changes in the name server, it directly indicates the one server that the previous domain has deleted. This is how a server tells others and it will happen in a certain frequency.

With this process, your customers will show the latest version of your site. On the other side, some will receive the old version. It will take few hours for the updating.