How To Make Your Website Secure?

Is your website secure? In today’s world it is most important to have a secure website for online presence.

If your website requires users to enter their personal details like email address, password and other financial details it is must to ensure that the website is totally secure. This is because the hackers are tempted to get their hands on the personal details and financial accounts.

Make Website Secure

By making the website secure the confidentiality of the customers’ personal and financial details is ensured.

To keep your server safe follow these simple tips:

1. Ensure that you have latest and up-to-minute Anti Virus or Malware or Spyware on the computer that connects to the website through SSH or FTP. It is best to scan the machines regularly and fix the issues.

2. It is advisable to change the password of the FTP accounts. It is best to use the combination of both upper and lower case.

3. Ensure that ‘register_globals’, ‘fopen’ and ‘allow_url_include’ are ‘off’ for all the customized php.ini files.

4. Don’t forget to include the insecure functions in the ‘disable_functions’ list. It is important if and only if you run PHP applications in your account.

5. It is best to keep updating the applications as the newer versions contain security patches for the know exploits. It even handles the third party plugins.

6. It is best to contact your web hosting company and request them to generate the ‘certificate signing request’ form. Don’t forget to ask for the CSR copy through a mail as you will surely need it.

7. SSL certificate is very important. Decide on the company from which you wish to buy the SSL certificate form from.

But it is best to ask your web hosting company as these days most companies offer SSL certificate. For best results buy 128-bit encryption certificate.

8. It is best to check your account for unknown files or modified files. This is a clear indication of the malicious content. Remove the malicious content as soon as possible.

9. To avoid harassment it is best to create the backups. This way restoration of infected file becomes easier.

10. Check for the password protection and the back doors.