How to choose Your Linux Hosting Plan?

We have been asked many times by different customers what plan should they go for. Some of them are confused about bandwidth and space requirements that they would need. For someone with no technical knowledge, its quite understandable. Even people with technical knowledge find it difficult.

You have already decided that you want Linux which comes with lot of great features. You have also decided that you want to keep your hosting costs as low as possible and you want to start with Cheap Linux Hosting shared Plans.

Linux Hosting Plan

Now only thing you want to decides is Space and Bandwidth. So how to choose these two important things.

First of all lets see what those two things mean;


Space means the hard disk space you would need in terms of Bytes. It just like your computer where you have your hard disk which has a limit. If you have 100 photos with 1 MB each, your space requirement will be 100×1=100 MB. That’s the simplest example we can give.


Bandwidth is related to the traffic on your site. Lets say your website has 5 pages, where your home page has 3 photos and  text, totalling 200 KB, now you have 100 visitors daily, your website will consume 200×100=20000 KB which is approx 20 MB per day.

So your monthly consumption for the home page is 20×30=600 MB.  But again 100 visitors daily to your site is actually lot of traffic for 5 page site.

Normally if you have static site and not too many images etc, you won’t need more than 1 GB in bandwidth per month.

Now how to choose the right plan depends on your website. As we said if you have 5 page website, you should not need more than 100 MB of space and more than 1 GB of bandwidth.

If you are not sure, start with basic plan and see how it goes. If you need extra bandwidth you can buy extra bandwidth from us easily.

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Our plan start from only $12.95 per year. And when you buy 100 MB space, you get 100 MB space, its yours, we don’t oversell, so entire space is yours. Since we don’t oversell our servers are faster than lot of our competitors.