Do you read Hosting Companies Policies?

We have many new customers that telling us everyday how they got burned and face fraud from many companies. The main reason is they did not read the hosting companies policies carefully.

Most of the companies have “catch” if they are offering the services at really cheap rate. Most of them oversell their servers to get maximum mileage out of them.

Hosting Companies Policies

Most of those companies tend to have “catch” in their web hosting policies. We advise you to read them before buying any plan.

Inode: You should be aware of certain things. Some companies even though offer you unlimited space and unlimited have “inode” limitations. Basically they have limitation on many file resources you can use. For example, some companies have 50000 inodes limitation.

If your account goes over this, they will suspend your account without the warnings. Normally 1 file = 1 inode, so imagine if you have several wordpress blogs running on that so called unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth, your limit will be reached very quickly. Even your emails are part of this inode policy.

Server resource limit: Every shared hosting account has server resource usage limit allowed by their web hosting company. For E.g : Max CPU Consumption allowed, Max Memory Consumption allowed and Max MySQL User Connections allowed per domain hosted on shared server.

Grace Period: You should also be aware of grace period. Lets say for some reason they suspend your account, so hosting company can have 1 day grace period, which means you have one day to download or move your sites to another hosting. If you have plenty of sites this could be a headache.

So we highly recommend that you always read web hosting company’s policies and make sure you make right choice. Its always good to go with reliable company with great track record.