Differences between Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting

The most common question that people ask on forums or to our sales support team is what should they choose Linux Web Hosting Services or Windows Hosting.

There are very significant differences in both the operating systems. As you all know, Linux is free Operating System, its completely open source so you will find plenty of applications free of cost.

Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting

On the other hand Windows Operating System is not free and most of the application cost money to host on the server.

Besides that, here are other differences that will help you choose the operating system for your website.

Cost Factor:

Linux Hosting is cheaper than Windows Hosting if you are looking for dedicated hosting plan. For shared hosting plans there won’t be much difference.

Stability and Speed:

Linux Servers running on different Unix Flavors or different versions of Unix are far more stable compare to Windows. Since Linux Server were designed for parallel processing, they are faster than Windows.

Control Panel:

The biggest advantage that Linux has over Windows is Cpanel. Most people running their websites have no idea on how to manage their server or their websites, for them cpanel is best thing. It has lot of features like Fantastico, File Management, Online file editing etc.

People can install WordPress, Drupal etc using Fantastico, they don’t even have to worry about creating databases, everything is done in one or two clicks. On the other hand windows comes up with Plesk. Plesk is also powerful control panel but its bit expensive than cpanel.


Many argue that Windows has lot of vulnerabilities, but same can be said about Linux Servers. Linux server  although more secure than windows, still has lot of attacks from spammers, malware etc.

If you are using ASP.net, you can create DLLs and host it on windows server and your website will be most secured as no one can change the DLLs. On other hand PHP files can be made secure but those tools cost money.

As you can see there isn’t much difference. It depends on your requirement. If you want to run your website on PHP, Ruby on Rails etc, then you need Linux Hosting for sure.

On the other end if you want ASP.net and other Microsoft tools and application you should go for windows hosting services India. If you want to run small static site just with html, both will do the job for you.