CodeGuard – Website Backup Solution


Over the past few months we have rapidly expanded the portfolio of security products to make your website more secured and this month we present CodeGuard – a cutting edge website backup solution.

CodeGuard – Website Backup Solution

The internet is filled with continuously evolving threats of various forms and with varying motives. Every approach to addressing these threats should be two-pronged at a minimum:

  • Prevention – our previous launch Sitelock helps you address this
  • Recovery – CodeGuard helps your customer tackle this

To ensure a robust, reliable web presence for your website, we offer quality web hosting, web attack prevention and recovery solutions and with CodeGuard.

How CodeGuard Works:

An Award Winning website backup product, CodeGuard uses five very simple steps that you can understand with ease:

  • Connect Site – To gain access to the website code and files
  • Initial Backup – At the time of install
  • Monitor – For any changes in the code
  • Backup Again – for every change that happens on the website automatically!
  • Restore – In case of a need, use a 1-click restore to any previous version!

Plans & Prices

Features Basic Professional Premium Enterprise
Storage Space
1GB 5GB 10GB 25GB
No. of Websites
Upto 5 websites Upto 10 websites Upto 25 websites Upto 100 websites