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Things to keep in mind while choosing a web hosting company

Partnering with the right web hosting company can do your concern a world of good. That being said, having an inefficient hosting service can negatively affect your productivity. There are a lot of factors to consider when you set about … Read More


Why you must consider developing your own business website. If the internet can be credited for creating great opportunities for millions of people all over the world, then websites have been responsible for making it a possibility. But it is … Read More


In Web Hosting, Some of the common terms you will come across that you should understand are: Bandwidth: Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred over the network in a fixed amount of time. On the Net, … Read More


To make your blog or website top the search engine ranking, you need to take into account both the off-page and on-page factors. Read below to find more about each of them: 1. Off-page factors: As the name suggests they … Read More


When you decide to make a website the first decision you take is of the domain name and surely it is the hardest one too. This is simply because as it is almost impossible to change the domain name. Therefore … Read More


Find Out What Is Cloud Hosting And Its Key Benefits A cloud hosted website is the one that operates on multiple connected servers. These websites are not limited to a single server like it was in the case of traditional … Read More


Green web hosting: Today’s call Going green is the need of the hour today. The world has realized the importance of saving resources and reducing their energy consumption. We can see people as well as industries doing their best to … Read More


These days owing a business and running it successfully is a challenging task. This is because there is a huge competition in every sector. This necessitates, taking the business on the global level to win appreciation and acknowledgement. For this … Read More


Is your website secure? In today’s world it is most important to have a secure website for online presence. If your website requires users to enter their personal details like email address, password and other financial details it is must … Read More


We have been asked many times by different customers what plan should they go for. Some of them are confused about bandwidth and space requirements that they would need. For someone with no technical knowledge, its quite understandable. Even people … Read More