Can Web Hosting Affect Your Search Engine Optimization?

Some people are unaware of the fact that their choice of web hosting and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are interconnected at some point or another. The main objective of SEO is to increase the web visitor counts by ranking your site very high in the results of many searches utilizing the appropriate keywords in describing the content of your site. Many new internet users still doesn’t know how web hosting can affect their website ranking, in this article we will describe some web hosting factors that can determine your ranking.

Can Web Hosting Affect Your Search Engine Optimization

Web hosting locations:

if you are dealing with local customers, its important to host your site locally, otherwise you may miss out on you specified traffic. Shared hosting likewise can affect your ranking because you share your hosting with other sites and if such website misbehave and are penalized by a search engine like Google, your sites are impacted negatively too. It is tough to prove to a search engine that your website does not have any malware content or spam. However using a shared hosting plan is not really bad, but it is important you do it with a reliable web host. Pay for some more IP addresses if you can. This can create distances between your site and the other websites on the same server.

The uptime and downtime issues

You need to regularly check on your hosting uptime and down time as can fluctuate up and down from monthly. Host providers frequently change their sort of arrangements as to pull in premium rates and offer less expensive arrangements; you may be all of a sudden put on the low-end of the command hierarchy getting below average services since they just included a performance plan at a higher rate. When you see such issue you ought to contact your hosting company immediately. Downtime refers to the amount of time your website is inaccessible as a result of a problems with the server it is hosted on.

The Search engine spiders will presumably attempt to visit or crawl your site severally a day. If such visit is done during periods of downtime then they record that it’s simply inaccessible and move on to the next site. Should this repeat consistently then your site gets flagged as untrustworthy and your rankings might be minimized. Search engines would prefer not to show inconsistent destinations exceedingly in their results, it can reflect badly on them, if people click on a result given by them and then simply can’t access the site. 99% uptime even means that your website was inaccessible for about 7 hours in total over the course of a month. Basically your site should be up and running 100%, but this cannot be achieve even with the most expensive sites as there are unforeseen circumstances . Always stick with web hosting providers that offers up to 99% uptime and nothing less.

Speed of the server

Most Search engines are usually very secretive about the variables that are part of their algorithms, likewise people like faster websites too. So Google in 2010 explicitly affirms that the speed loading a page is one of those factors that can determine your ranking. This is only one of more than 200 factors in ranking, so it almost has a less than 0.5% effect on your rankings, however you should still pay attention to it.

Shared hosting limits your website by bandwidth uploading and downloading rate, so you don’t have to upload much. Some shared hosting use a service known as Throttling ( slowing of internet service by a service provider) to regulate network traffic and lower bandwidth congestion, this should be avoided as it slows down the speed of your site, affects your visitors expectation and hence affect your ranking.

Hosting Resources and software updates:

The resources or software utilizes by your web host operator should be recent and up to date with market standards. All the software and scripts should be a part of your arrangement with the company. A reliable web hosting provider always updates the recent versions of software. Negligence of software updates can put your website down and hence affect the search engine rankings. You need to be aware of the software used by them and it ought to be current and also acceptable by search engines.

Choosing the right web hosting provider may not guarantee your rankings boost, but it mean you can avoid serious consequences which are significant. So, you need to choose wisely and not just base your decision on price or the reviews.