8 Tips to Choosing a Right Domain Name for Your Business

When you decide to make a website the first decision you take is of the domain name and surely it is the hardest one too. This is simply because as it is almost impossible to change the domain name. Therefore it is best to make the choice of the domain name very carefully.

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Here are some very useful tips for choosing a right domain name for your business:

1. Think:

Think of a name which you believe the potential clients would type in first to reach out to you. It is a good idea to abbreviate your business name for getting the best domain name.

2. Consider Keywords:

It is true that the words in your domain name improve your Google ranking. It is best if your business names consist of the keywords that are ranked by the keyword search software.

In case not, you can think of using keywords in your domain name. But this way you might lose out the branding benefits.

3. Search:

Quickly check if the domain name that is there in your head registered or not. There are many websites that offer this service for free. It is best to buy the domain name for the web hosting companies only for the simple reason of avoiding confusions.

4. Don’t buy multiple domain names:

Remember you only need one domain name. Most of the business owners buy multiple domain names believing this will help them in search engine optimization. But remember this is of no good!

The multiple domain names can be useful if each name is distinctly related to their own website. The only benefit of buying multiple domains is from stopping your competitors buying them.

5. Decide on the preferred TLD (Top Level Domain):

The Top Level Domain indicates the end part of the domain name. This signifies the category of the website and at times the country. Popular TLDs are .com, .org, .net, .edu, .biz and .info. Though, remember people still prefer to type .com, so if you don’t end up bagging .com there is a slight disadvantage.

6. Keep it simple and short:

It is best to keep the domain name short and simple. It is best to keep it less than 24 characters. Two important reasons to keep the name short are:

  • –  Long domain names are hard to remember.
  • –  It is difficult to type the longer domain names without making spelling errors.

7. Use your business name:

The best domain name is the one that reflects your business name. This helps in creating brand awareness and a professional image. For best promotion it is important to place the website address on the emails, visiting cards and other promotional stuff.

8. Compromise a bit:

If you unable to find the name that you wanted try adding the dash or hyphen between the words. If possible avoid hyphen as it is difficult to explain.

Now that you have finalized on the domain name it is the time to go and buy the domain name. With these 8 tips for choosing a right domain name for your business your decision can never go wrong.