6 Common Mistakes Related to Selection of a Web Hosting Service

Web hosting services help you to establish a professional and SEO friendly website on the internet. They are immensely important for both business websites and individual blog. A number of people and businesses suffer from wrong selection of web hosting service, and commit mistakes that have far reaching adverse consequences. Here are some common mistakes related to improper selection of a web hosting service. Avoid them to enjoy a superior service.

Expecting Great Efficiency from a Free or Cheap Web Hosting Service

A cheap or a free web hosting service will have a number of drawbacks and disadvantages in store for you. The web hosting service provider may put some 3rd art ads on your website. The loading speed and script running efficiency of the website will also be in question (you would not be able to run some scripts for the videos and animations).

Web Hosting Service

The server may go down anytime and you also will receive shut down, upgrade and other waning signals from the host from time to time. The worst part is that your website will also be ignored by the relevant search engines and its search engine rankings will go down, thereby causing drastically negative SEO. So whenever you go for it then keeps in mind important things of selection of hosting provider.

Poor Communication with the Web Hosting Service Provider

You should not expect your website to always run smoothly and efficiently, as it may face some downtimes, even with the best of service providers. You should be able to properly and promptly communicate with the service providers. The good and the more efficient ones are there on the web 24/7.

Not Knowing the Terms and Conditions Fully

You must go through the various minutes of terms and conditions when you opt for a web hosting service. Read carefully through the minute clauses like the cancelation policy, refund policy and other parts of the ToS.

Not Having Sufficient Disk Space

If your subscription provides you 10 GB of bandwidth and 50 MB of disk space, then you have a good and efficient website having enormous capability. 10 GB of bandwidth can provide you adequate transferring limit, and the website will remain fully functional even when it has thousands of hits every day.  Websites having lesser like 2GB of bandwidth may suffer from problems related with downtime.

Not Exploring the Given Limitations

While a number of website hosting service providers can have banners with captions “free-for-ever” and “unlimited for lifetime”, you should explore the real conditions and features that you would be getting. The same holds true when you opt for a paid hosting channel.

You should get answers for questions like:

–  Does the web hosting service offers SSH or Secure Shell

–  Can you have different POP accounts

–  Will new updates and software will get added to your website on your own

–  Will you be able to use shopping cart on your website

Apart from these, you should also solve all related queries beforehand, so that you can choose the rights service in the end.

Use a Professional Web Hosting Service

While a number of new web hosting service providers can host your website and can also offer you a range of coupon codes, freebies and cash awards among other perks and privileges, many of them close down before a period of 2 years. Hence choose a professional web hosting service provider that has been in business for at least 10 years so that stability and reliability of services are ensured.